Saturday, May 5, 2012

The bad worker was in our farm

In 2000 happened some things strange in my family's life? There was a farm near my home and my father interested of the farm so, he brought African guy to work in our farm. Everything was fine and this guy was doing very well, but one day my aunt saw the African guy was collecting the branches of palm tree to three groups. My aunt was surprised of this and she called my father to tell him what happened, but my father was travelling to another city. There were many things happened and got my family afraid.

The African guy did not have identification and he had had three days’ work in our farm. When my father came back and my aunt told him about this guy he said do not worry I will see what I can do. Then my father talked with him and my father said thanks for all things you did in my farm, but now I do not need you more, tell how much do you want that guy said I want 100 for every day. My father gave him all money he wanted, but the problem was! He did not go. The next day my father saw him in the farm and my father asked him, what did you do here? Then he said I am working. He was lire and my father got mad and drove him out of our farm. The guy was angry and he saw to me and said "ok wait me soon”. After two days he came at night to the first bunch of palm and he burnt it. We were in mosque then we heard the women cried and my brother ran fast and he extinguish in another day the guy did the same thing in the other bunch of palm tree. My big brother was angry and he said I will go to kill him then he went to find him that guy was lucky because my brother did not find him that day the next day my brother called a police and the police caught him in small room in other farm. The police took him away to prevent my brother to kill him and the police put him in the jail for five days. After that the government sent him to his country that does not a good solution because the problem starts and the guy was burnt the palm tree to witch and the problem became a huge because the fire is beginning inside my home. The demon burnt all things in my home and my friend came to my father and told him if he wants this problem finish, you should bring the guy that was impossible to bring him from his country my father was patient and another friend said take your family and change your house, but my father was optimistic to solve this problem and he called old friend who has experience in this case and he came to our home and asked my father where the last place the demon burnt it. My father showed him the place and he said close the door and no one stay here except him. We waited about forty minutes and he appears and said everything will be fine and when he went the demon came and burnt in the same place that was there.

Iin conclusion, this year was the bad year in my life because I missed all things remembered me in my child and missed my study I failed that year in my study. I lost the best thing in my life that gift from my mother when I got excellent in my school. Now everything is fine and my family built a new house, but in the same place and my father fixed his fault.

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