Monday, April 23, 2012


       Juha was shopping one day and a man approached him from behind and bumped into him accidently. Juha turned and exclaimed very loudly, "why did you do that?" Juha started to complain very obnoxiously in the shopping center, gathering much attention, insisting that the man who had bumped him had done so consciously. people advised Juha to quiet down and take his matters up with a judge of law. so Juha did just this; the man and Juha attended the court and were allowed an immediate hearing to settle their dispute. After Juha expressed his discontent about being bumped and that he felt he had been wronged, pursued an intentional tort, and deserved compensation for the harm done. The judge began to act strangely and without juha's awareness he winked several times at the man being prosecuted. unbeknownst to Juha, he was being dubbed as a fool; the judge had another plan in mind to settle this dispute. He found the man guilty and said he must pay Juha $20 in compensation for the injury. The man replied frantically that he did not have the money for Juha or he would serve a more sever penalty in place of compensation. The man agreed and was dismissed with a final and suspicious wink o approval from the judge. An hour passed and the man had not returned. Two hours then passed, and the man had not returned. Juha had finally caught onto the trick and approached the judge. He slapped him and told him, "if the man comes back, keep the $20. ", "I am going home. "Juha left immediately.The other man who bumped him had never come back. 

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