Sunday, May 6, 2012

Math is important in our life

          Math is important in our lives due to its usefulness through application. Although manytimes it is challenging and does not seem entertaining, it can be applied to nearly every portion of our life. To understand math is to understand the intricacies that tie things together by numbers-- and there are plenty of those as everything has a numeric value in some way, and anything that does not can be placed into categories which can then be subsidized using mathematics. Once understood, principles in math can help us anywhere from our everyday mental math addition and subtraction, to leaving a proper tip for a waiter, to constructing a building or being used in quantum physics. Math is everywhere, thus it is important in our life.


  1. Math is very important part of our life.Our daily life is full of its uses and applications.Math needs practice,solving continuously sums,never say die attitude and dedication.These things can make you not even good in mathematics but it can make you best in it.And for teachers I want to say that the children have fear that maths is very difficult subject but this fear just resides in their mind.There is only need to teach them in a good manner and they will understand it.Maths requires practice.Practice is the only key of perfection in Mathematics.rounding fractions to the nearest whole number

  2. Thank you for sharing how important is maths.Maths is applied in every day life.Maths is used every here and there.Many fear of maths but if logic is understood then maths is very easy.Being a maths teacher i suggested all my students for all kind of maths help.Dont think maths as a problem instead you solve it.