Tuesday, March 27, 2012

My favorite sport

      My favorite sport is soccer. I have a long history with this sport, and have played since I was a child. I don't know why I love soccer because my father hated it and no one from my family liked it. I started to play soccer when I was in secondary school. Then I improved my skills and played it every day. One day the coach of a club in my town saw me playing soccer and he told me you should come to the club because you have good skills.After that I told my father, but my father rejected it and the coach and boss of the club came to my father to try to get permission for me to play soccer. Then, my father accepted and I was happy. I played in the club about four years ago, but I had a problem with my education. I couldn't make a schedule between my soccer club and school studying. Finally, during the last year I had an injury in my knee . Then I had surgery and my knee was fixed. I felt bad because my dream was gone. Now I play soccer for fun.

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